The Team

Christopher Singleton

Christopher Singleton, is an animator with a simple dream in life. He wants to be able to tell his own stories in animation and help his friends bring their ideas to life.


Eli Copperman

Eli Michael Copperman is of Highland Park, New Jersey. He has been pursuing the art of animation ever since he was a teenager, and specializes in designing odd characters, hand-drawn and digital 2D animation, writing reviews on films and cartoons, and even video editing. His biggest priority is to create artwork and concepts that not only speak to him emotionally, but to others who can relate to them.


Joseph Crockett

Joseph Crockett is an award-winning animator based in San Francisco. His short animations have appeared in more than a dozen festivals including Visionfest, the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, and the Black Maria Film Festival. He is currently working on a project that involves reincarnation, fast food, and insects.


Stefanie Ziermann

Stefanie is a 2D Animation artist and illustrator. She has been bound to traditional “frame-by-frame” animation and drawing colourful illustrations for children since 2017.


Aaron Gwynn


Aaron Gwynn

Aaron is Romantic Chorus’ Co-Director, Producer and Editor, a novelist, and a starting pitcher for the Progreso Scualos. He believes that only with collaboration can we make substantive change.

Jeff M. Giordano

Jeff M. Giordano leaps out of bed everyday for the creative life, loves to ask deep questions, and has fantasies about riding on the back of trash trucks in every country.


Chhaya Naran

Chhaya is an artist and animator who lives and works on unceded Coast Salish territory. Their work is influenced by their love of food and fantasy, as well as their experience as a brown, queer, trans person.


Claudia Ortega Arus

Claudia Ortega Arus is a Spanish animator and virtual realist designer and producer based in London. She is passionate about using visual and audio media to drive engagement.


Gigi Hart

Gigi Hart is a animator from Melbourne, Australia, and she does not believe in long bios.

Annie Murray

Annie is an animator who makes films specifically designed to disappoint her mum. She was hatched from a sub-terrarium egg on Uranus and there is nothing else remotely interesting about her. Please feel free to contact her for further information in regards to business inquiries.

Silvia De Tommaso

Silvia is an illustrator and animator with a dark style. She love drawing as much as she loves coffee.

Laurent Mathieu

After more than 15 years as a director, filmmaker, editor and sound mixer, Laurent Mathieu now works as a Motion Designer. He takes inspiration from everything he’s learned along his winding path: images, music, environments, artistic exchanges, creative collaborations… like this one.


Keira Quinn

Keira Quinn is a Britain-born, Atlanta-raised Stop-Motion/mixed media animator, artist, and all-around eccentric. Occasional mixologist.


Emma Jordan

Emma is an American stop-motion animator whose fascination in bringing the inanimate to life led her to study at Arts University Bournemouth, where she formed her crude and creepy style while living across the street from the grave of Mary Shelley. She believes that the best art is the kind that finds elegance and beauty within disturbing ideas, and hopes her work can achieve this effect eventually.


Angaelica LaPasta

Angaelica is a filmmaker, animator, and illustrator with an interest in incorporating historical iconography, whimsy, and a feminist perspective into all of her work. She currently lives in the woods of rural Pennsylvania where she works as an assistant editor.


Peter Feng

Peter Feng is an animator who loves to explore and exaggerate the small things we experience in day to day life.


Linc Glasby

Linc Glasby – schooled at the VCA in animation, he has been fascinated by the moving image for as long as he’s lived. Currently freelancing as Blue Owl Media.

Rebecca Luo

Rebecca Luo has a deep fascination with character and emotions, and she likes to express that through humour and story.


Diana Fleming


Diana Fleming

Diana is a web and graphic designer, who digs gardening (ha!) and the trash of other people. She finds delight in thrift store treasure hunts and the portmanteaus of her children (“hands-atizer!”).

David Poulin

David is a Toronto-based sound engineer, music teacher and fiddler. He expands his hip lingo everyday thanks to his middle school students and keeps fit by running after his four year old daughter.